Bonnie Crews

Bonnie Crews has over her musical career performed, taught, and conducted choirs and ensembles as well as composed and arranged music for solo and choir. She served as Assistant Music Director and Choir Director for 13 years in her local church and has been teaching voice for 21 years, 7 of those years at Pro Musica Studio. She now sings solo performances in the area as well as being a part of the band Streets of Gold which participates in church services, local festivals and community events.

Bonnie began expressing her love of singing when she was five years old performing in a trio with two boys singing on a weekly radio program and in churches in the area of her hometown of Jacksonville, FL. She continued to perform solo and ensemble work with local radio and television programs during the nineties. She was formally trained at Baptist Bible College in Missouri in the field of Education and continued training her vocal styles and techniques with private instructors. Because of her great interest in the voice and its ability to make such beautiful music she has intensely studied everything she could get her hands on concerning vocal production, expression and health. She uses this knowledge and the many techniques she has discovered to help her students get the most versatility and enjoyment from their own vocal instruments.

Bonnie’s mission is to help enhance the voices of talented individuals by giving their voices new power and longevity as well as helping new aspiring singers to begin their singing experience with techniques to help them reach their personal goals.